August 28, 2013

At the Farm.


This past weekend we got to visit our friends Johnny and Tara's family farm, about an hour outside of Nashville near Bucksnort, Tennessee.

We'd been before and loved it, but this time we stayed the night, and I'm so glad we did because the night sky--out there in the middle of nowhere--was just insane to behold, punctured with a bazillion glittering stars. We stayed with Johnny and Tara and their boys in the barn, which except for the fact that four horses live there, too, is less like a barn and more like a rustic shangri-la. 

The next day Tessa got to ride a horse, a John Deere tractor, and a four-wheeler--the country living transportation trifecta. There were pancakes fried in coconut oil and smothered with almonds and bananas, and there were bloody marys. Tessa's longtime boyfriend Sawyer was there, with his impeccable mop of yellow hair, and they chased each other around almost the entire time we were there--a blur of afro and blond. 

And there was a swimming pool. When Tessa got into it, her waist encircled by a pink floaty, she threw her hands into the air and declared, "This feels absolutely amazing!"

It really did, y'all.

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  1. oh how nice!! it has been a while since i have been to a farm. the home looks awesome!

  2. this looks like heaven! I just found you via a link over at Lil Muse Lily (how weird a coincidence that we are commenting next to each other!) so glad i popped over, your blog is beautiful and your children quite literally made me gasp with their beauty! Now following and really excited about that! sending love from the flight platform and from my brood in England xxx

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