October 1, 2013

Two Lil Paint Projects.

I picked up the old paintbrush again a few days ago, needing to touch up my green coffee table, which had become etched with markers and other kid-related scars. While I was at it, I used that same color--Martha Stewart's "Rhodendron Leaf"--to paint this old Cosco stool that we use in our kitchen constantly. A couple of years ago I spraypainted it blue, but it was always too bright for me, and the baby likes to chew on it, so it had gotten all kinds of effed. Yep, chew on it. When I'm not looking/listening, she crawls up to it and scrapes her teeth along the top of the stepstool.

And this morning, while Livvy was napping, I tackled the porch swing. I had whitewashed it a long time ago, but it needed to be yellow. I used the same buttery yellow I used to paint Tessa's bedroom--Behr's "Pismo Dunes."

Happy October!