January 22, 2018

Room Tour: My Kitchen

There are only a few rooms that feel "done" to me in the house. The kitchen is one of them. (Howevs, I have a feeling I'll paint the island a new color at least every couple of years. It's already been three shades of blue, which is totally normal.)

This is what the kitchen looked like a few months after we moved in, before I got to work on it.

Those counter stools were my dream stools--from Restoration Hardware. I ordered them for the new house before we even moved into it. They were so regal and comfortable. They were rich-folk stools. I don't know WTF I was thinking with them because I have two young kids. They soon turned into a nightmare of splotches and stains that just kept getting worse. I literally lost sleep over them. And when other people's kids came over and ate at the island I had to pretend not to worry that they were smudging their Kraft-macaroni-and-cheese hands on my RH stools. Anyway, I couldn't take it anymore so I sold them on Craigslist to a lady who had to recover them because they'd gotten so gross in such a short period of time.

But I was FINE because I copied Emily Henderson and ordered the Era Stools from Design Within Reach. My favorite part about these chairs (besides the fact that I can spray them down and wipe away every last morsel of peanut butter and milk and booger) is that they've been in continuous production for more than 150 years. They were designed by this dour-looking fellow (God, does he need a hug, or what?!) all the way back in 1859. So they bring some history to the space. 

Here are some of the other things I did to make the kitchen my own:
  • Swapped out the light fixtures for these pendants by Feiss (they're a knockoff of the fixtures I really wanted, but I love them just as much). Plus, I hung these bastards myself, which saved $. 
  • Painted the island Benjamin Moore's Van Courtland Blue after I saw this pin and was like DONE. (The island was also Sherwin Williams' Naval for about a year, but so was everyone's kitchen island it seemed.)
  • Painted the wall of cabinets Sherwin Williams Alabaster, an old standby for me. Those paintings are all from the Nashville flea market. I eventually want to move them to my bathroom and put this enormous print here instead. 

  • Drove out to bumfuck Tennessee to pick up a stack of barnwood from the late 1800s. I wore overalls that day. Look how happy I was with my wood. Then, I taught myself how to use a circular saw and cut all the pieces to shape. Nekos and I just screwed them directly into the wall above the backsplash tile. That was a fun and gratifying day. 
  • Had the roman shades custom-made with a John Robshaw fabric that still makes me weak in the knees. On these, I copied Holly Williams' farmhouse kitchen. See? I copy all the cool people, but then I mash all the copied things together and they become my own. At least that's what I tell myself. 

  • Swapped the more contemporary cabinet and drawer pulls for cheap-o brass pulls from Home Depot. 

  • Swapped the hollow core pantry door for a vintage Craigslist find that cost me $100. (Full pantry post coming soon.) 

That piece of art by the pantry door is by Chelsea Petaja, a local Nashville artist.

And how lucky were we that the midcentury bar we've had forever fit exactly into this nook by the back door?

This is Grayton, our 10-month-old mutt. This marks his first appearance on the blog. 

Stools: Design Within Reach Era Counter Stools
Pendants: Feiss Cadence Mini Pendant 
Main cabinet color: Sherwin Williams Alabaster
Fabric on roman shades: John Robshaw Baris Chambray
Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs: Home Depot Bedford Brass Cup
Bob Dylan poster: Milton Glaser