Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday's Happy List

This list was sort of hard to come by for me this week because the gray weather got me feeling like a zombie. That's why there's a depressing song and a depressing movie on my "happy" list. And that's why Friday's list comes on Saturday night.

Treasures from our trip. I love shopping in town, but out-of-town shopping is the best because I can get my hands on stuff I'm not going to find in Nashville. But, most importantly, because these things have lots of sweet memories attached to them. During this trip I hit up quite a few Goodwills and thrift stores because we were in some ritzy areas and I figured there'd be some great designer stuff tucked amongst the heinous sweaters and moth-ballsy trousers. But, um, I pretty much just found heinous sweaters and moth-ballsy trousers. I did walk away from the trip with a vintage coat that I'm crazy about it. I meant to take pictures of it for this post but I think it might just get its own post soon.

Here are a few of my favorite things that we found on our way from Arizona to Nevada to California:

A doll so ugly it's cute for Tessa, from Flagstaff

Onesie from Loyal Army, from L.A.

Pom-pom hat for Nekos, from Flagstaff. He used to wear one a lot like this when we first
started dating so I made him buy it. And then I made him pose for this picture. 
This eyelet blouse from H&M in L.A.

This turquoise ring from a Navajo woman in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ

This floral slipdress from the Rainbow's End boutique in Flagstaff

New plants. When we got back from our trip, we found that a lot of my houseplants had died, since we'd left the heat off while we were gone. On Wednesday, I went to Lowe's to re-up on some greenery. I ended up getting even better plants. Weirdo plants.

This song. This track from Cat Power's 2003 You Are Free is so friggin' pretty.

These movies. We watched two movies this week -- one in the theater and one on our couch. Both were super good.

Blue Valentine was gloomy but spot-on its portrayal of what happens to a relationship when one person loves the other person more, when one person stays still and the other keeps moving. I loved it.

The Kids Are All Right was the first mainstream movie I've ever seen that ever really captured a "normal," loving lesbian relationship. I had to just use a picture of Mark Ruffalo for this one because he is pretty good and fine in this film. Loved this one too.

These books. My mom just gave me my Valentine's Day present. Three weeks early. That's how we roll in this family. But I am soooo excited about these guys.

Projects to make. I made it to the fabric store this week to stock up on some stuff for projects I'm wanting to knock out.

First, my idea is to take the pattern for this skirt but to use navy fabric for mine and use gold buttons and chains to make it look something like the Band Practice Skirt from ModCloth:

Source: Jen Loves Kev

Next, I want to make this felt pansy headband, using the tutorial on my friend Blair's blog, A Case of the Mundays. I am floored by this girl's creativity. And isn't she cute as pie?

And lastly, I want to make this little pink felt house for my ... house.


brooklyn said...

I want a felt house in my house. Are you going to post a "how-to"?! ;)

Jeffowick said...

I love those pictures hanging on a clothesline. I'm definitely stealing that idea for our living room wall.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

@ Brooklyn, nope because I'm following a how-to to make it. There's a link up there somewhere. But I did make it and it turned out reallly cute. You should make one!

@Jeffowick, Thanks! That was all Nekos. I love it because we can swap out all the photos every time we take a trip. Those were NOLA pics but we just but our Southwest pics up yesterday.

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