Monday, January 10, 2011

Trip to Sedona, Day 3

This post is super picture-heavy because yesterday was one of the most picturesque days of our lives so far.

So here goes.

We left Tucson yesterday morning, but not before this:

Molly and Rocky are renting their house from the amazing Neko Case. Even though she now lives in Vermont, her wicked car is still parked in their driveway. The very car that she perched on for the album cover of 2009's Middle Cyclone. I had to recreate the magic. What do you think? 

Rocky's Van

We picked up our rental car -- a Jeep Liberty -- and got on the road toward Sedona. Tessa stayed magically occupied most of the time--gnawing on teething biscuits and watching Baby Einstein videos on Nekos' ipad. Nekos and I gawked at the scenery the whole way. I'm pretty sure it's the prettiest drive I've ever taken, even though driving through the Florida Keys was a different kind of amazing. 
The Drive

In Phoenix, we stuffed our faces at this incredible, innovative Mexican restaurant called Cafe Barrio. Then we pulled over to say goodbye to the Saguaros, as we heard we wouldn't be seeing them after Phoenix. 

We stopped outside of Sedona at Montezuma Castle, which was really cool. We totally dorked out over this place. 
My new favorite picture of Tessa and me. Love that she's showing her teefers. 

After Montezuma Castle, we had about 20 miles left before Sedona. I started thinking, but not saying out loud, that I wasn't as impressed with the scenery as everyone said I would be. I started to feel a little disappointed. And then we rounded a corner and all of a sudden these amazing, jagged, glowing red rocks appeared. Sedona is just as magical as everyone said. Terrifically beautiful, in a way that pictures can't do justice.


Brian H said...

Great photos and journalling! The scenery is very different, for sure. Your pose on the Cougar is purrfect. Close anyway. Enjoying your blogs. Brian

ashley king said...

The photos look amazing! I'm so glad you are keep us all up to date!

Irah June said...

I ENVY your life!

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