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February 18, 2011

The Happy List

This geode ring. 
Source: Totkaelo

Jessica Lea Mayfield. These days all we're playing around the Barnes household is the new Kanye West (insanely good) and Jessica Lea Mayfield -- a 21-year-old singer from Ohio. Soooo terrific. And she's playing the Mercy Lounge next month! You can bet your bottom dollar we're gonna be at that show.

This wedding dress. I don't ever plan on getting married again since I'm already married to the cat's meow, but I really love this boho wedding gown from Anthropologie's freshly launched wedding line BHLDN. I feel like it's pretty reasonably priced at $600, no?

Style muses. I don't have one really, but I like the idea of having one. Jenna at sweetfineday blogged about French singer Francoise Hardy being hers. I'd never heard of her before but she sure is a beauty, and it reminds me to give liquid eyeliner another go. And maybe do some sit-ups too. Do you have a style muse?

The weather. We had friends (Blair Munday and her hubs Wade) over for dinner last night and it was nice enough to light a fire outside and sit in the backyard after dinner. I woke up with my hair smelling like campfire. Amazing.

Nekos' new job. Lastly but not leastly, Nekos is working his last day today at the job that he's had for the last five years and is starting a new job on Monday! He'll be heading up the production team at an advertising agency here in Nashville. He's really excited for the new beginning and the new challenges. (We may possibly have burned his current business cards in above campfire.)


  1. An outdoor fire pit that babies can't fall into. OMG!

  2. the ring is to die for!! and so is the new anthro chain bhldn. i'm a neosophisticate according to them. ;)

  3. Patio FurnitureSeptember 8, 2011 at 12:49 PM

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