Friday, February 25, 2011

The Happy List

Joni Mitchell. One of my all-time favorite musicians. These days that cheshire grin of hers has been ravaged by too many cigarettes, but I love looking at pictures of her from the '60s and '70s. She is the Laurel Canyon free spirit that I am in my fantasy life.

Etsy shop dreams. I've been dreaming of opening an etsy shop that would sell mostly reconstructed vintage clothes and handmade leather accessories. Of all the things I've been making lately, I like working with leather best. I feel bad for the cows, but I like their hide. Maybe I could use thrift store leather instead of buying new stuff? I want to give myself plenty of time to figure out what I want the shop to be, but it's fun to think about.
My leather tassel earrings 

Keiko Lynn's makeup tutorials. I started following blogger Keiko Lynn a few months ago because seems like a sweetheart and I like her style, but I've also really been digging on her makeup tutorials. Makeup can be so daunting and so fleeting -- as in, it only looks good for the 30 minutes after I've done it. But she seems to know how to make it look good and stay put and she conquers some classic looks like cat eyes and crimson lips.
Source: Keiko Lynn

All-white bedroom. This is the opposite of my house, which is painted every color in the crayon box, but I am really loving the idea of a white bedroom that's accented with colorful accessories.
Source: Haus Maus
Source: Apartment Therapy

Curtain made out of vintage scarfs! This picture is woefully tiny, but isn't this idea genius? I love vintage scarfs but I'm not going to go around with one tied around my neck anytime soon. But how about clipping them all together to make a breezy boho curtain?
Source: Wish

This DIY playhouse. My friend Emily sent me a link to this handmade playhouse, and I love it! Lately, when I can't locate Tessa, I check first under the twin bed in her room. She likes to play under there so I betcha she would like one of these. Maybe for her birthday?
Source: The Artful Parent

And finally, my Wellies. With all this rain, they have been the perfect thing to put on. I especially love them with tights. I have a pair of hunter green ones but I really want a pair of red.

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emily said...

this is a "happy list" for sure! i support the white rooms with colorful accents! and would love to get a pair of those earrings from you when make some more!

Joy of Cooking said...

Nice. You are a lot like Joni Mitchell, and not just in your fantasy! And, I, too support all white rooms with one or two accent colors. You've seen mine? I still love it. That's the thing about white-it never gets old.

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