Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hearts in My Eyes.

This week The Delightful Dozen launched their official website with a great big drumroll and a parade of pretty outfits. The DD is a collection of 12 fashion bloggers who mail items of clothing to one another, style it however they'd like, photograph it, and then stick it into the mail for the next recipient. It's like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but way less cheesy. I got hung up on these yellow heart-shaped sunglasses. They're from Forever 21 in 2008, so I couldn't find them anymore but I did find plenty of other pretty heart-shaped pairs. 

Am I crazy? Are these too Hot Topic-y? 

(I've got only a year-and-a-half left of my twenties, people! I plan to squeeze out every last drop of twentysomethingness.)

The one and only Lolita. Great book, by the way. 
Source: Jonathan Adler's Pink Heart Sunglasses Case, $38

Source: Urban Outfitters' Sweet Heart Sunglasses, $14
Source: Nasty Girl's I Heart Sunglasses, $30

Source: Fred Flare's Sweetheart Sunnies, $12
Drew Barrymore has worn them ...
Source: Just Jared
... and so has Nicole Richie.

Moschino even sent them down the runway.

They must be cool. 


Eva said...

I think they would be cute! In the right circumstance, of course.
I want to read Lolita now! I always kept away from it cuz I thought it would be too, what's the word?, child-sexual.

Lil Muse Lily said...

do it. get it out of your system. they are def not for everyone but i'm sure you will look great in them.
those moschinos are awesome!

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