Friday, May 13, 2011

What I Wore - A Graduation Party BBQ

I haven't done a What I Wore post in a few weeks. So here we are. I wore this outfit to the graduation party of Nekos' best friend from college's sister. Got that?

I was pretty nervous because the BBQ was set to start at 6:30, which is when Tessa usually goes to bed. But I was determined to go to this thing. I've taken on a more regular freelance writing gig (which is why I've been blogging here less) and it's kept me happily busy but also inside the house a lot. I needed an outing, and I get bummed out when I can't do things because of Tessa's bedtime, especially things at six-friggin-thirty. So we brought her Pack 'N Play along in case it would feel right to set it up and put her down, but it was a pretty busy event. Luckily Tessa entertained herself with a bucket of ice cubes and a pair of black labradors and a three-year-old boy named Will. She stayed up two hours past her bedtime (like a champ) and fell sweetly asleep in the car. No fussing. That's not like my girl.

So here's something strange: These What I Wore posts don't usually get many comments, but they are almost always the most clicked on posts I do. I can guess what that means. And I usually don't have good things to guess about it. But I also think, heck, if you click on it, I'll keep doing it--within reason of course. ;) Plus they're easy to do--unlike putting together a DIY or pouring my heart out with an essay-type blog entry.

Top - Poppy Sam (bought at Serendipity Emporium in Nashville)
Vest - Lucca Couture (bought at Pangea in Nashville)
Jeans - BDG Skinny Jeans
Boots - Dingo, hand-me-downs from a friend

p.s. I'm still really enjoying my short hair. I haven't had any remorse about cutting it (yet).


Little Gray Pixel said...

I love your rings! So pretty.

And isn't it the worst when you have to consider early bedtimes? I'm just starting to get used to it, but luckily baby girl has also been a champ when kept up later than usual. So far.

Christina said...

I love your short hair. I am someone who has had long (dark hair forever). The one time I cut it off, which was just a bit longer than yours is now, I was miserable with myself. Now I'm afraid to even get a trim again. Haha. Anyway, yours looks great! PS. You have great skin too!


Christina said...

I am someone who has had long (dark) hair forever.*
-Well that was a horrible typo. Ha.-

Joy of Cooking said...

Looking hot, lady! I love the outfit. And the hair. And the upside of early bedtimes is that you have the rest of the night to yourselves. I love early bedtimes. But it does make it hard to go out at night. But then there is always a babysitter :-) Glad it all worked out. She is more adaptable than you think!

AmzgYen said...

Looking good Ellen! I love fashion, but am very boring myself. At least I can live vicariously through your fashionista self. Hope the cookout was fab. I think I know who the "best friend from college's sister" is :-)

PS- Lovin' me some of those rangs!

Eva said...

I really like that cute vest over the ruffly shirt. it's like a sophisticated hippy look, if there could be such a thing.

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