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August 18, 2011

Before & After: Tee to Tank and Dresser Facelift

The other night Nekos told me, "I don't know what it might be like to have a memory as shitty as yours." Unfortunately I don't remember what he was referencing BUT I did think it was hilarious in its utter true-ness and I went to write it down so I, ahem, wouldn't forget it. So sad. I'm 28. How has this happened?

I like to think I remember the important things, though: The best times and the worst times. Most of the day-to-day stuff goes coursing down the drain. Like, I remember this tee-shirt -- not because I'm a Phish fan but -- because it's the one I'd always pluck out of Nekos's dresser drawer when we first started "having sleepovers" in college. It's huge and worn to that yummy thin softness that only very old, very loved teeshirts can have. 

There are loads of tutorials in Internet land about how to reuse an old teeshirt, but when I saw this tutorial on Crafterhours about transforming an old tee-shirt to a trapeze-style tank top, I knew this was the one I wanted to try. And just like they said, the whole thing took only 20 minutes and turned out great. I love the fit. For the straps I decided to use some trim I had on hand instead of slicing off the bottom of the teeshirt to use. I have a whole bunch of other tee-shirts getting in line for their makeover, too. 

And I didn't stop there. I've wanted to replace the knobs on Nekos' tee-shirt dresser forever. (Yes, he has an entire dresser full of tee-shirts and there's a whole 'nother box of them in our basement). It's a great piece of furniture, and I don't really want to paint it but I thought it looked too plain-jane-lumberjack (does that make sense?) with its knobs as is.

Enter all-new, all-different knobs from Anthropologie. You didn't really think I'd be all matchy-matchy with my knobs, didya?

And now I can rummage through Nekos's tee-shirts for all of eternity. (Also, wanted to note that it looks like my baby might have an extra nipple or two hanging out on her chest, but those are skeeter bites. Although if she did have an extra nipple, I would love her all the same.)


  1. AnonymousAug 18, 2011 03:24 PM

    you made that tank!? looks so good. dag girl, you are skilled. -nkc

  2. JenAug 18, 2011 07:33 PM

    I love that you made the refashioned tee. I am "Jen" of that Susan from Crafterhours mentions in the blog post. Yay! Your tee looks fabulous redone. I love how you used trim for the tie.

    Best, Jen

  3. JamieAug 19, 2011 07:47 AM

    Finally - a use for the gigantic pile of Nirvana shirts from Travis! Absolutely love that tank top...and the knobs are pretty adorable, too.

  4. MichelleAug 20, 2011 05:27 PM

    I love all the different knobs, it makes it so much more happy.

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