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August 3, 2011

Well, Sheet.

Sources: 1, 2 
Vintage sheets are super neat, but dude I gotta draw the line somewhere when it comes to stuff like that. I'm not going to be laying my noggin down on just anyone's old drooled-on-and-God-knows-what-else bedding. I already get sketched out by hotel beds. I am, however, totally down with using old sheets to make forts, dresses, skirts, tablecloths, and most anything else. Please see how amazeballs this maxi dress is, for instance. And this pillow made from vintage sheet pieces:
Sources: 1, 2 
The whole reason I bring this up? I'm sheet shopping. Do you give a sheet? In case you do, here are my favorites:

The West Elm sheets are on sale and I think the blue-and-yellow patterned ones are sweet as pie. I think I'm sold. 


oh, lovely day! said...

amazing. all of them! and that maxi dress is genius!! you can never go wrong with vintage sheets. i agree though, i'm not a fan of using them on my bed unless they have been passed down from someone i know!

Lil Muse Lily said...

ooooooooo, great maxi dress. love the sunbird sheets

Briana Shepley said...

I can only reuse vintage pillowcases which, depending on how you look at it, could be gross but to me, they are broken in and oh-so-soft :) If you're in the market for buying vintage sheets for projects, Rachel at Smile & Wave is hosting a huge sheet sale tonight (although you probably already saw that :) -

Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

Briana, nope didn't know about Rachel's sale! Thanks for letting me know! Sorta coincidental we both posted about it the same day.

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