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September 1, 2011

My Baby Looks Like Bob Ross.

She does sort of, right? I broke out some watercolors yesterday afternoon to see if epic afros are somehow the secret ingredient to true artistry. Turns out it's too soon to tell about Tessa's artistic talent, but I got some pretty cute pictures (and spent some time shampooing our area rug afterwards). 

Later, Tessa's friend Sawyer came over for a few hours. He is very, very, very into trains, so Tessa shared her train with him and, later, at a table for two, they played some mad footsie. 


Brittany said...

That video of Tessa and her friend was too funny!

Eva said...

so cute. that video made me miss working in daycare!

ryan lacey said...

hee! O M Goodness curiousity suits miss tessa.

granted, epic afro analysis is only a hobby of mine, but i think i would consider the curls of tessa's afro to be too loose for the bob ross label. i am channeling a late-in-life abbie hoffman? or a cover-of-blonde-on-blonde byb dylan? less pbs, more left-wing-radical... the kind of afro that don't take showers just cause the man says you gotta smell good.

but either way, completely divine!

(i really like your blog a lot)

cjm said...

Bob ross ha ha ha. The footsy game was so cute.

Rebekka Seale said...

So I spent the longest time reading (and LOVING) your blog the other day...and I don't think I realized you're in Nashville?! So, now I love it even more.


mel said...

i know that sweet boy... i use to babysit his dad... wow am feeling so old right now! i love the green wagon team!

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