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October 10, 2011

Stuff I Love: Cool Links

I can't remember loving an autumn as much as I love this one. It's all windows rolled down and sunshine-y and fallen leaves that are the colors of tangerines and plums. Tessa and I recently found our "happy place." We're in total agreement on it. It's this portion of a city park that not many people go to, and it's high on a hill that overlooks the Cumberland River and there's a swing there and lots of acorns falling out of trees and soft patches of grass drenched in sunshine. We've been going there almost every day. When we pull up, Tessa says, Weeeeeeee. That's where I took this pic of my gal earlier today.

Here are some random thoughts:

1 A blog reader suggested I check out Tina Fey's take on breastfeeding in Bossypants. I had a gigglefest over it.

2 Have you seen this unreal video of the International Space Station flying over Planet Earth?

3 If you're already a Wilco fan, you already know how good the new album, and this song, is.

4 I'm normally way more stoked about the Free Peeps catalog, but I wanted everything in the newest Anthro: most of all this cloud shirt and this camel dress.

5 Is Europe addictive? I'm already plotting our return, this time with Tess in tow. We're thinking a Mediterranean cruise for my 30th. Does anyone have any advice about which cruise ships to avoid and which to run toward with open arms?

6 My old man is out of town. I sometimes like to complete really ambitious projects around the house when he's gone -- so I don't have to ask his opinion beforehand can surprise him when he returns. Have I told you about that time I bought a Mini Cooper when he was out of town without, you know, mentioning it to him beforehand? Yeeeeeeah. He wasn't as stoked about that as I was. Anyway, I'm thinking of painting/redoing the master bedroom (something like this).

7 [Cough] They reset the votes at Top Baby Blogs, which they do a few times a year to be fair and all. If you dig the content, would you mind clicking this link to vote for my blog? All's you do is click the owl with the brown thought bubble above his head and you've officially voted for Black & White & Loved All Over. Thank you!

8 While I'm doing copious linking, are we friends on Facebook and Twitter? If not, let's do this thing.


Cindy said...

You bought a CAR!? No you diiint'!!
The bedroom is wonderful, I voted at Top Baby Blogs, I adore Anthropoligie too, and I sent you a friend request on FBook. How ya like them apples? :)

kristen said...

I am so glad you liked the tina fey bit. I loved it myself. She seems like a kindred spirit.

Check Insurance said...

Love the bedroom!

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