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November 9, 2011

In Need of Sparkle.

Sources, clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (woefully unknown. let me know if you know!), 6, 7 
I am resolving to add some sparkle to my life. I mean, I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure those Converse will be under our Christmas tree this year. (I've already put in a very enthusiastic request with Nekos.) But I'm also on the look-out for a sequined top or jacket that I can wear in the daylight and tone down with an old tee-shirt or raggedy jeans. Maybe a sequin beanie hat, too?

I need sparkle in particular today, my friends. I wanted to shoot my eye out for most of the afternoon. (I say afternoon because Tessa was at her Mother's Day Out program all morning, during which time I worked.) It was just one of those days when motherhood feels so excruciatingly boring and endless that you sort of don't know how it's possible that it's only 4 p.m. and that you'll have to think of something else to do to entertain the ragamuffin who asks you for crackers every five minutes and gets elaborately frustrated with all of her toys. Plus, Nekos is out of town so I didn't have much to look forward to.

There was one unbelievable highlight of today. I went to Tessa's MDO program mid-day for a parent teacher's conference. Considering she's only a bit over one-and-a-half, this was definitely my first experience with this sort of thing. I thought maybe her teacher would tell me that she'd been slapping other kids or stealing their snacks, and I was sort of nervous about it, especially because I sat down in a chair across from Tessa's teacher, and it all felt very serious for a minute there. But instead she tells me Tess is pretty much the bee's knees times one thousand. And the best part is: I got to look through the window and see Tess napping! Why is this a big deal to me? Because I've never even been able to picture how it's possible to get eight babies to take a nap ON A FLOOR AT THE SAME TIME. I literally thought her teachers just blatantly lied to me every day when they said she had napped. But there she was, there they all were, sound asleep, almost like they were drugged. Tessa was on her back--even though she almost always sleeps on her stomach--and her little hand was off her mat, half uncurled and so lovely in its smallness. And I thought: This is it. This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. But that was all before I picked her up.


Faith said...

I love the "new" top and the "casual" mixed with everyday wear and the DRESS! Oh the fairytale dress. I would feel so pretty in that sparkly angelic dress. I am sure you will find those cool sneaks under the tree!

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