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September 22, 2011

Stuff I Wore: Ray LaMontagne Concert.

At the last minute the stars aligned and Nekos and I got to go see Ray LaMontagne at the Opry last night. Beforehand we chowed down at Silly Goose (again) and then met our friends Faith and Chris at the Opry. Faith had scored fifth row seats, but I think my Diet Coke detox was working against me because I could hardly keep my eyes open all night. Nekos' shoulder made a stellar headrest though. I also blame Ray's buttery voice for making me so sleepy. Oh, and the fact that I'm a granny. 

Sherpa shrug: Free People
Tee shirt: Urban Outfitters
Skinny jeans: Zara
Socks: Smart Wool
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bracelet: My mom's charm bracelet from high school and college!
Pyrite necklace: *I am super obsessed with this necklace, which my girl Brooke Seraphine made and thrilled me with on my bday (you know you want one - order at ) 


Anna said...

I LOVE your Smartwools with heels look! That's something I could definitely rock during a Minnesota fall (and winter).
I can relate to your concert fatigue- when I saw Iron and Wine, the music was like an irresistable lullaby and I could barely stay awake.

Faith Bendt said...

You looked fashionably AMAZING as always! I was tempted to sleep on your shoulder that shrug was so divine!

Little Gray Pixel said...

This outfit is super cool. I especially love the necklace!

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