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November 12, 2010

Ode to a Bathtub.

Yesterday was a huge day for me: We had a new water heater installed by two gentlemen during the late afternoon. We'd been meaning to purchase a new one since the Nashville Flood killed our original one and buried it in four feet of water, leaving it to yield lukewarm-at-best water ever since. That was six months ago. FEMA graciously cut us a check for the value of the water heater and we, of course, promptly spent it on something else--probably our trip to Tucson, AZ.

I've missed my baths. They've always been an essential part of my feel-good, feel-cool ritual. My husband, daughter and I stayed at a hotel in Asheville, NC, last weekend, and there was an epic bathtub in our room. It reminded me how very essential a bath is to me--sort of like taking my antidepressant or getting eight hours of sleep. When I was a teenager, I'd light a ridiculous number of candles, run a scalding bath that would turn my skin pink, tote my CD player into the tiny bathroom and turn on Sarah McLachlan, lock the door and just soak. Now that I have a kid, I'm really in need of those long, hot soaks again. "Me time" is a precious commodity around here. Also, I've been struggling with the art of doing nothing. I have trouble sitting still, trouble calming my mind, but that's about all you can do when you're sitting in a bathtub. Even reading tends not to go very well.

When I run that first bath later this morning, when Tessa is down for her nap, I will try to calm my mind. But my mind will probably be thinking about ... what a crap bathtub we have. It's one of those white plastic shower/tubs that our renovator obviously bought for a discount since it's had a ugly, scab-looking scar on it since day one. I've been trolling craigslist recently looking for the perfect clawfoot tub. I'm almost six feet tall so I definitely want one of the larger ones; I think the biggest of the vintage clawfoots comes in five and a half feet dimensions. I think I may ask my husband for a bathtub for Christmas.

Here are some of my favorite bathing beauties:

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  1. Moxie MollyJanuary 5, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    I see this was written back in 2010. Don;t know if it's too late to offer this info. I spent well over a decade researching and planning for the ultimate bathing experience but I needed a tub that felt right, not just looked good, and this meant I was in search of an old fashioned late 1800s style tub built, the kind they used to make, designed to be shaped for the human body to relax completely, but without the weight and hassle of cast iron. It took a ton of research. If you still have no tub, consider researching where I ended up and maybe saving up for one of the best classic bathtubs ever. This company even have one with a built in circa 1880 style shower surround combined with the best clawfoot tub ever. Several of the ones in your pix look as though they may have originated with this company. They also are a fantastic customer service winner, very considerate. The company is called baths of distinction and they are located in Florida but I am in Canada on the west coast so in North America at least it looks like they do deliver to anywhere and prices often include delivery. In fact the price was extremely competitive compared to almost anywhere else I checked out. They even offer a Euuropean drain diverter in order to avoid the nightmare of tearing up the whole bathroom floor if you need or want to reposition the tub's drain in another direction. The one I chose was a 65" rim to rim clawfoot tub made of high quality acrylic with it's gorgeous yet solid glass shower surround. The engineer is a wonderful Scottish guy who cheerfully provided me with every last detail I inquired about. So helpful, Now I am essentially in heaven anytime I bath in a tub short enough for me yet long enough for my hubbie. Hope this may help?

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