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September 27, 2013

Livvy, 10 Months Old.

My monthly ode to Livvy...

livvy 3louStool name puzzle

Baby Livvy turned 10 months old yesterday. From the top of her head to her tippy-toes, this one has "angel" stitched into her very fabric. Sometimes, when the light falls across the crown of her head, you can still see her soft spot pulsing wildly. It's one of the last, dearest vestiges of her newbornness. My mom heard someplace that when a baby's soft spot takes longer than usual to close, she's receiving an extra dose of divinity. I love that idea. But doesn't every parent love the idea that his or her child is special, protected, and part of a great big mysterious plan? All I know is that, in spite of my moaning and groaning and dark circles and feeling older than my age-ness, both of my girls make my own life seem greater, bigger, and more mysterious. And brighter beyond measure.    

Livvy 4

This past month Livvy cut her eighth tooth (four up top, four down below), began to stand up for a minute at a time without holding on to anything, and yesterday she climbed all the way up our stairs by herself (with me right behind her every step of the way). She says "mama," "dada," "baba," and "hi" pretty indiscriminately, and has just started to wave hello and goodbye, although not reliably. She crawls around so very fast. I'm not ready for her to walk. Oh, please, not yet.

This is the point, by the way, at which I can't imagine life without her. Lots of people say that about their babies right off the bat, but it has only now become true for me. Ten months in, and I am a goner for her.

p.s. The Livvy puzzle name stool was a really exciting gift from I completely adore it. And it was responsible for teaching Tessa how to spell her sister's name, which is super touching.

p.s.s. Here's Tessa at 10 months.

livvy 5 Livvy 6

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  1. Laura MallerneeSeptember 30, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    Looking back at your post about Tessa, I think that Livvy seems older at ten months that Tessa was! What do you think? Maybe it's more teeth and Livvy's more solemn, serious expressions. Tessa's face looks more baby-faceish to me.

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