Friday, July 1, 2011

A Happy Oilcloth Flag.

Even though we sort of live in the 'hood, our backyard is a sanctuary. Our fence prevents us from taking note of the sketchy people who swagger right on by our house, and the bird feeder attracts enough songbirds to drown out the gunshots. Just kidding. Kinda.

Every year the backyard cries out for some new accessories. Things fade and weather, and this spring our umbrella got tossed off the porch and busted up by a mean-spirited storm. To update the space this year I got an outdoor rug and a new umbrella in white, and last night I made a flag from Echino oilcloth (also known as laminated fabric). I want to say it was easy but it wasn't as easy as I thought. Almost nothing is. My machine kept jamming, the needle broke, and I totally winged the grommet installation. Still, I think it's super cheerful and way better than the faded Key West flag we had hanging there before.

My sewing machine doesn't, but I love oilcloth. I've used it several times to recover moldy outdoor cushions, but now I'm seeing endless other options for it: placemats, splat mats, bibs, toiletry bags, tablecloths, picnic blankets, outdoor pillow covers, outdoor bunting, purses, and how about making one of these diaper-and-wipes cases with oilcloth?
Source: random places online
My favorite idea so far? Oilcloth wallpaper!
Source: Ohdeedoh
So now all we need is a backyard party, right? Well, that's what all this preparation was leading up to ... my dear friend is in town from Washington State, and tonight we're having some of her close Nashville friends over to shower love on her.


Briana Shepley said...

You did it! It looks great and I love the fabric! And yes, you most definitely should have a garden party :)

Jamie and Shane said...

Love the colors...and just wanted to say that I left a comment on your "tantrum" post. Please take a look for some help from an older mom!

emily said...

your backyard IS great! love that cool is that pattern?! oilcloth wallpaper is genius in a kid's room!

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