Monday, April 4, 2011

Dirty Hands.

On Sunday, Nekos and I (and Tessa, too) went to the Nashville Farmers Market to do our annual stocking up of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. He worked a ton all last week, and I was jonesing for some time with my husband, not to mention some help taking care of Tess. 

I think the Farmer's Market may be one of Nekos' favorite places on earth. Besides the top-notch Jamaican food we scarfed down there, he got to plan out his gardens. He is the green thumb of the two of us, the patient tender of our vegetable garden. On his way out the door in the mornings, he often beseeches me to kindly water the flowers. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I'm not real outdoorsy, y'all. Unless you count sitting outdoors sipping a brewskie outdoorsy. 

This year I played a much bigger role in the planting of our gardens (with the blisters to prove it) so I think I'll take more pride in the upkeep. Also, this time last year I was newly post-partum and having a postpartum meltdown; meanwhile Nekos was taking out his frustration and confusion outside with a rake and shovel. He sure made a pretty garden all by his lonesome, but I like it better now that we've dug in the earth together and put some pretty somethings there. 

Afterwards, we had an impromptu grill-out and backyard fire with some friends. And there were brewskies. 

Mini Cooper, all stocked up
Hey, look at me, getting my gardening on. 
Tess, up from a nap; Nekos, taking a break.


kristance ann said...

looks like your lovely garden is coming around nicely! you deserve a brewskie after blistering your hands, you poor thing! i grew up in ashland city, TN and long to go back to the farmers market. never thought i'd miss tennessee, but i do.

Lil Muse Lily said...

That's awesome Ellen. I so envy your big yard...

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

@KristanceAnn, how cool! I'm actually from Cheatham County - Kingston Springs.

@Claudia, well, I envy you your beach! :)

Summer said...

Love the Mini Cooper! Did you have a hard time finding a car seat to fit in it? I have a small car, and would like to go smaller, but finding a car seat has been hard.

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