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April 11, 2011

The Trips We Took

It's only been a few months since we got to take our seriously memory-making Southwestern/Southern California road trip, but that's all the time it takes before I start itching for the trip that's next. We are for sure planning a visit to Colorado for a friend's wedding in August (we'll hit Denver, Breckenridge, and Vail while we're there!) and another trip to L.A. in September for my birthday (I'm still obsessed). And I'm dying to visit my dear friend Brooke in Spokane this spring. We're also trying to figure out how we can get back to Europe and I am fantasizing about the tropics. We've taken trips separately of course, but most of my favorite travel memories are with Nekos. Going through photos for this post, I had fun revisiting some of our adventures together over the last nine years ...

Tunica, 2002. Our camera was so much crap, but we were so excited to see Bob Dylan together.
Oxford, 2003. I fell in love with this little Mississippi town. 
New Orleans, 2003. My first visit to NOLA. Our return visits have been many ... 
New Orleans (the weekend we got engaged, but I can't find any pics of us together!?), 2005
New York City (honeymoon), 2006
New York City, 2007
Key West, 2008
Amsterdam, 2008
Key West, 2009
Tucson, 2010
Clearwater, 2010
New Orleans, 2010
Tucson, 2011
Hoover Dam, 2011
* How funny is it that Nekos is wearing the same shirt in three of the last pictures? He is obsessed with this shirt.

What's the best trip you've ever taken?

(We think that ours was our very first trip to Key West. It was the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation and so gorgeous that we couldn't believe our eyes.)


drea said...

You guys are such a cute couple! ughhhh adorable.

Lil Muse Lily said...

those are all such great pics. funny you did a post like this since i have been thinking about our trip to Barcelona in 2008(the absolute favorite trip and city) and was going to do a post on it.
i love nola also but haven't been there in years. amsterdam is a place i would like to visit.

regarding Lily and her headbands, i have been putting stuff on her head since she was really little. sure she takes them off sometimes but i just put them back on. ;)

Joy of Cooking said...

You guys have some of the cutest photos together of any couple I've ever seen! I love it. And travel is so important. I am dying to hit the road again. Seriously - you have to go to Boulder when you go to CO - where I spent 11 years of my life :-) Our best trip together was to Italy in 2008 (even though it was my 12th? time but it was D's 1st!) xo

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

@Claudia, Barcelona is MY DREAM!!

@Joy, Italy is my other dream! ;)

Thanks Drea!

Christina said...

In the NYC picture from your honeymoon in 2006, are you guys at Tracks Bar in Penn Station by any chance? It looks just like it! I had to ask.

Great pictures!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Hey Christina, I'm not sure really! We were on the Sex and the City bus tour and this was a stop along the way. It was supposedly the bar that Aiden runs in the show. :)

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