Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Before & After: Lucky Brand-Inspired Fringe Necklace

Here's another project made from one of the ugly leather coats I bought at Southern Thrift! I used the leather from the coat to copy Lucky Brand's $69 Havana Fringe Necklace; I also took apart a necklace I already had to recreate this guy. 

The inspiration:
Source: Lucky Brand
 Before: Thrifted orange St. John's Bay coat, 99 cents.

After: Fringe necklace!


kristance ann said...

you are a crafting queen! so awesome!

Mary Margaret said...

seriously badass girl, I would buy this.

kristance ann said...

thanks for your lovely comment and suggestion! i'll definatley try the shields! they'll probably protect some once i finally heal. i picked up some formula at the store earlier, and since i'm pumping and dumping for the next 24 hours, i grabbed a bottle of wine too!
(you should start and etsy or something. i would totally buy that necklace too!)

Lil Muse Lily said...

good job Ellen. looks great!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Thanks guys!

molly fay said...

What do I need to do to get one of these necklaces you make? An etsy? I also recognize that top - Hemline - Love it!

huntressofnostalgia said...

great craft! Was the coat suede like?

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