Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's 25

Taking a cue from A Beautiful Mess blogger Elsie, who does a birthday goal list every year, I've been working on this list of New Year's goals for about a month now. I actually already accomplished No. 5, in spades. I kind of went on a cross stitching crusade last month and whipped up a bunch of Christmas presents.

I've heard a lot of people this year talking smack about New Year's resolutions, but I love them. I always want to do better, be better,  know more, and make more. Here's what I want to do in 2011:


kellynD said...

These are such great goals! I've got a few, too. I'm trying to keep mine broad so I don't feel like I cheated myself if I don't accomplish as much as I hope. :)

P.S. the design of your blog is super!

Molly said...

I think you've accomplished #9 as well.

#16 - yes lets!

#1 - I can send you a recipe :) not that you couldn't find one...

#15 - not possible!

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