Monday, February 21, 2011

Coffee-Bean Sack Table Runner

My fingertips smell like burlap. Which is a sort of smoky, earthy, slightly burnt smell. It's pretty good.

While Tessa was taking her afternoon nap, I made this coffee bean sack table runner for our dining room table.

Nekos brought home the coffee bean bag from work last week and you'd have thought he brought home a bouquet of roses. I was so excited to think what I'd make out of it. I pretty much came up with the least original idea ever for repurposing scrap burlap. But then it seems like nothing much is original in blogland anymore.

If you Google "coffee bean sack table runner," you will come up with a million ideas, tutorials, DIYs, etc. My friend Blair actually made beautiful burlap runners for the tables at her wedding reception. Now she has so much leftover burlap that she's been repurposing them like mad -- into Christmas stockings, pillows, even a saddlebag for their bed. Her gorgeous projects are definitely worth a look; in the meantime here's my modest but cheerful coffee bag table runner!


Lil Muse Lily said...

it looks great and it's super creative. i've never seen one before.

a case of the mundays said...

looove! gaslamp has a few burlap bags i've been itching to pick up ... but lord knows i have enough burlap already. ha.

Joy of Cooking said...

I just decided I want to do burlap runners on the tables for the wedding! can you help me with this? :-) I need to find it and then use your expertise to make them. If you know of a good place to source burlap online pls let me know. I love this!

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