Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Closet Case.

Source: Closet Case Vintage at Pre to Post Modern
The best vintage in Nashville? I've been mulling it over for awhile, and it's such a tough call. I'm a big fan of my local East Nashville shops -- The Hip Zipper and Diamond Star Halo (located inside Fanny's House of Music) -- and of Nashville's vintage marketplace in general. For a mid-sized town, we have a fan-freaking-tastic selection of fresh-off-the-mothballs merchandise.

Of all the vintage shops I've checked out, my absolute favorite is Closet Case Vintage. CCV splits its merchandise three ways -- selling some in an Etsy shop, some inside Katy K's Ranch Dressing on 12th, and some inside Pre to Post Modern. It's curated by a plantinum-blonde twenty-something of exceptional taste. Her name is Carmen Jaudon.

Source: Closet Case Vintage at Katy K's, Q's Daydream
Here are a few of my favorite Closet Case Vintage things, some from past lookbooks and some on sale in the etsy shop now. Note: A couple of these things (the shoes and hotpants) are especially expensive because they're so killer and rare but most things seem to hit under $40.
Source: Closet Case Vintage

Source: Closet Case
Source: Closet Case Vintage
Where's your favorite place to shop vintage in Music City? Or on the web in general?


closetcasecarmen said...

Oh, gosh golly. What a lovely feature! Thank you so much, my dear!


Jamie said...

I KNEW I recognized "Closet Case Vintage" from somewhere - it's Pre to Post Modern! Love their stuff...and vintage clothes in general. I was born in the wrong decade, I'm sure of it.

Joy of Cooking said...

Where is Pre to Post Modern? omg I love that ruffled shawl.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

@Jamie, Word! Great to connect with you again.

@Joy, It's on 8th, in that cluster of antique shops, across from Zanie's. It sells pretty much fifty percent furniture and fifty percent clothes. We'll have to go!

Lil Muse Lily said...

i must admit, i love vintage but i don't have the patience to shop for it unless it's furniture. that place looks amazing!!

Zarna said...

i love CCV! i was actually just over there the other day!

so great to meet another nashville fashion blogger :)

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