Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Birthday Invites

I'm trying to do "simpler" blog posts more often. So, here's one: I finished Tessa's birthday party invites today and I think they look sweet as pie. I've been really into sewing on paper recently. (See my post-Christmas thank you notes.) A mere 11 days before her party, but at least it's done! I cut out a million fabric triangles and used card stock and envelopes I already had, thus spending nothing more than postage. I'm trying to keep everything else pretty "budget" too. This planning-a party-for-a-kid thing is really a stupid amount of fun. I figure this is the only year I get to do exactly what I want with her party, too, instead of asking her what theme she wants. My theme is LOTS OF COLOR and BUNTING. :-) 


Lil Muse Lily said...

the invites look great. love the triangle flags sewn on paper.

people tend to go crazy on 1st birthday parties but the thing is, the kids will NEVER remember it. EVER! lol

Cindy said...

LoVe the invites! Simply. Adorable.

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