Sunday, March 6, 2011

How We Spent a Rainy Saturday.

It was so ugly in Nashville yesterday; it literally rained all day. But Nekos and I really wanted to get out of the house because we hadn't seen each other in a few days and wanted to spend some time together. So we used the window right after Tessa's morning nap to go scavenging at Southern Thrift. 

I really wanted to get the heels that I'm wearing in this picture but they were just a little too small. 

I did get this shirt for 99 cents though! It needs to be taken in a little on the sides, but otherwise I love it. 

And I got these Nine West T-strap heels for $12.

See how happy I am about these shoes? See how unhappy it makes the girl behind me that I'm happy?

It didn't take long for Tessa to get bored ...

... and for Nekos to get hungry. So we went to Marche for brunch. 

Nekos got a sake bloody mary and shared his celery with Tessa. 

I got a blood orange mimosa and an acorn squash couscous dish. Nekos got an egg salad sandwich. Tessa had some croissant. 

And she was really into drinking this whole glass of water by herself. Right after lunch, she started squealing at the top of her lungs so I had to take her outside and wait in the car while Nekos paid the bill. It was time for her afternoon nap. 

Nekos took us home and we put Tessa down. Then he went to Grimey's for new old records. 

Meanwhile, I worked on this tabletop playhouse that I want to have ready for Tessa's birthday party. 

Then Nekos cooked dinner. It was one of those nights when we were kicking ourselves for not getting a babysitter because we really wanted to go out. But the desire passed. 

We watched Despicable Me with Tessa, who is obsessed with this movie. 

She totally zoned out on it, which always makes me feel guilty and relieved at the same time. Zombie baby.

Soon she got pissed because she was tired. So we put her to bed. 

I took a bath and watched a documentary on Joan Rivers upstairs while Nekos watched basketball and posted cuss words on his Facebook downstairs. Haha. I'm sort of amazed we made so much of a rainy day.


Wendy said...

Looks like a fun Saturday! I love the yellow heels. Makes me want to go thrifting.

renee kristine said...

sounds like the perfect saturday to me!!

Lil Muse Lily said...

that was a loooooong day!
love the yellow heels, love the white top you are wearing.
sake bloody mary? never had one but we are big fans of the bloodies so that sounds delicious!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Thanks guys!

I am pretty crazy about the heels too. I hope they're comfortable, but I'm doubtful. Might just have to wear them when I know my only walking will be from car to bar, bar to car.

@Claudia, it's a cucumber sake bloody mary! really good!

Marie Marie said...

Loved the pictures of tessa and daddy. The look adorable together!
Seems like you had a nice day. <3

cakesandshakes said...

Just discovered your blog and I really like it. Is that your man and your baby? They are SO cute, what an awesome threesome... P.S. I LOVE your nine west heels, very 'colour blocking is in'...

Joy of Cooking said...

Ok just saw this (am playing catch up). What a great day. Funny because those are all things I like to do on rainy days --Southern thrift (those shoes are amazing, I've never found shoes there!), Marche's sake bloody mary... Love all the photos and LOVE seeing Tessa in her babylegs!! :-)

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