Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sewing Sunday: Tabletop Playhouse Finished!

The work-in-progress tabletop playhouse, which fits on top of our dining room table, is finally done. Just in time for Tessa Jean's first birthday!

Nekos is the first to try it out. He digs. 
One door. 
Another door, which I want to add tie-backs to. 
Tessa woke up from her nap and she and her lamb got to have a look around. She approved! 
FYI, I totally stole this idea from The Artful Parent. 


Lil Muse Lily said...

i like the prints you chose. super cute. it's looking like it will be a fun party!

Erica Daugherty said...

I have been wanting to make one of these since Tate's first birthday...and he's almost three! I'm so happy that you did it! It'll be so much fun :)

Molly said...

it is sooooooo cute. lucky Tess!

emily said...

this turned out great!!!

Joy of Cooking said...

I had no idea you were making this!!! Omg LOVE it. I will have to make one for June if I ever figure out how to use my sewing machine :) It is going to be a hit at the party.

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